Progress Not Perfection

Hello BC Yukon Al-Anon Members.

My name is Ally Guevin; I am a past Area Chair and, more recently, Alternate Delegate. At

the request of your Delegate, Owen H, and area ofifcers, I stepped into the position of Area

Chair last week. Our outgoing Chair, Patty T, stepped down for personal reasons. I admire

her commitment to her own recovery and hope to see her in area service in the future.

I am humbled to be asked to flil Patty’s capable shoes and anxious to get some details

sorted for you all! I will do my very best to continue the good work of the Area Officers and

Coordinators and make wise decisions for the health and growth of Al-Anon in BC Yukon.

Two pieces of news are: number one, Shannon P has agreed to take on the Bulletin position

for one year! Thank you, Shannon. Communication between the area and the membership

is paramount for a healthy Al-Anon program in BC Yukon.

****And. Number two – and this is important – especially if you are a District

Representative (DR) reading this, Area World Service Committee Meeting (AWSCM)

will be held May 24-26th online via ZOOM. ****


Please look for a Special Edition Bulletin mid-April with further details, Officer reports,

Coordinator reports and ZOOM meeting details.

I look forward to seeing you on Zoom in May and making new friends in service.

With kindest gratitude,

Ally G

How to participate in the AWSCM 2024 ?

If you want to participate in the AWSM 2024 on Zoom, please let us know by registering.

You only need to register once in order to have access to the both AWSCM days.

Please check this Web-page regulary. The agenda will be posted soon.